All our members are encouraged to come along to the Belpark Group Bike Spins. Building up a good aerobic base on long spins over the winter is key to improving your bike splits in tri season. The main purposes of club group spins are:

  • To build up a good aerobic endurance fitness base
  • To build strength in your legs
  • To improve your cadence and leg turnover
  • To benefit from riding with club members’ of similar or stronger ability to you
  • To learn how to ride safely and confidently in a group

Belpark group bike spins are also a fantastic way to meet fellow club members’ and share knowledge and experiences.

We now have 3 different spins in an effort to accommodate all abilities within the club.

What to Bring

The following is a minimum list of requirements for all members wishing to participate in a group spin

  • Road Bike in good working order (TT or tri bikes not permitted)
  • Mud Guards
  • Spare tube, levers, and hand pump
  • Helmet
  • Food & Drink, Mobile phone, Money
  • Suitable clothing for the forecast weather conditions

Cycling Etiquette: All riders must also be familiar with good cycling etiquette. Please read this guide to Belpark Club Spins Rules before attending our spins.

Types of Group Spins

Note: post on the discussion forum to confirm if you are attending a bike spin.

Novice, Improver, Intermediate groups will all go out on Sunday mornings. We normally meet at the Rathfarnham Club House  at 8:00am. The start time may change depending on feedback and availability so please check the forum before leaving.


Average Speed: 20-22km
Distance: 40-60 km
This spin is aimed at those new to Belpark, triathlon and group spins. Spins will start at around 40km-60 km in length and an average speed of 20-22kph. Great fun for those starting out. This group will always be led by an experienced member of the club, and pace will be carefully controlled to suit the ability of those attending and nobody will be left behind. A small amount of cycling experience is required before attending- you must have previously completed at least 1 sixty min spin.


Average Speed: 22-25km
Distance: 60-80 km
The improver spin aims to assist people stepping up a level from the novice group. The spin will do similar routes to the intermediate spin but at an easier pace. The distance and pace of this group will progress throughout the year. 


Average Speed: 25-26 km+
Distance: 80-100km
This group is for stronger riders who like bit more of a challenge and are comfortable riding in a group, ascending/descending hills and spending 3+ hours on the bike. Typically this group is made up of the advanced women and intermediate men in the club. Some of the athletes on this spin occasionally take the option to turn off earlier to do a shorter route (i.e. 60km-80km, rather than 100km).

If you are unsure of which group will suit your ability or have any questions/feedback on any of the club spins please feel free to contact us.

Since we could potentially have large numbers now on these spins, we need leaders for all three levels and we will operate a rota system.  If you are on group spins on a regular basis or have done Tri leader training, then please consider putting your name forward!!

Anyone who is interested being  added to a rota for either novice, improver or intermediate spin, please post on the forum stating what level you would be happy to lead or alternatively email the Training Officer or  the Belpark Chair.

Where we go

You can find the current list of cycling routes and details on this google docs page.

Other cycling training

Aside from the weekly group spins Belpark also holds the following bike specific training throughout the year:

  • Winter turbo training sessions
  • Hill Repeat Intervals
  • Brick sessions

Turbo Training Sessions

During the months of November through to March the club organises weekly turbo training sessions with coach Liam Dunne. These 90 minute sessions are typically interval based and are great for working on anaerobic fitness, strength and technique. Liam occasionally uses these sessions to practice bike-to-run transitions – the fourth discipline of triathlon. Find the session plans on the Forum under Cycling Training.

HILL REPEAT intervals

As the race season approaches and during the months of April and May Belpark organises weekly hill repeat intervals from Taylor’s Three Rock Pub behind Marlay Park. Run by coach Phil Smith these sessions are excellent for building strength and for improving your anaerobic fitness base.


Brick sessions (bike and run) take over from the hill intervals during the summer months of May through to August. These sessions will be held at varying locations (details below) including sessions on the dedicated cycle track at Corkagh Park.

These are fantastic sessions for improving your race specific transitioning from bike to run and from run to bike (duathlon).You will train your leg muscles to cope with the stress of regularly transitioning between both disciplines (Neuromuscular adaptation) meaning your body can cope much better come race day. The added benefit of holding these sessions at Corkagh Park means athletes can use the sessions to fine tune bike handling skills or complete a bike interval session themselves. These are also great sessions to pick-up tips from experienced club members and club leaders on how to improve transition times.


This time trial (TT) series consists of 3 TT training events on open roads at various locations. The events are suitable for all levels – both new members who have never TT’ed before and the veteran racers in the club.


It’s you versus the clock (and Piranha Tri Club!) in race-like conditions. Participants will provide estimated completion times for each event and will be set off, individually, according to this time. It’s a great opportunity to get a realistic timed TT in race conditions done before the beginning of the season to see where your biking is at.