Phoenix Park Course Description

The Phoenix Park Duathlon race course is based close to the Papal Cross in the Phoenix Park.



The duathlon in April will consist of:

  • Run 1 – 5km (2 laps)
  • Bike – 20km (5 laps)
  • Run 2 – 2.5km (1 lap)

The duathlons in June and July will consist of:

  • Run 1 – 2.5km (1 lap)
  • Bike – 12km (3 laps)
  • Run 2 – 2.5km (1 lap)

Please read below the separate descriptions for each race.

Run 1:

April, June and July races  (1 lap = 2.5km)


Run 1 is a clockwise loop of the playing pitches area of the 15 Acres following the tarmac track; the route is flat. All traffic cones must be kept to your left. There will be lots of marshals present and anyone found cutting corners will be disqualified.

You must enter and exit transition by the official entry and exit points. We have a neutralised transition and places are not allocated. All boxes and bags will be removed from transition before the race. The usual TI rules on nudity will be observed and applied. You must put your helmet on before touching your bike.




April, June and July races  (1 lap = 4km)

The bike course consists of 5x laps of a 4km circuit on closed roads, with 3 right hand turns. The direction is clockwise – after crossing the mount line, cyclists will proceed right up Acres Road, turning right onto the Khyber Pass, proceeding downhill, where you will pick up speed to 30-50kmph by the bottom, turning sharp right onto Military Road, coming around the S bends, then turning right uphill past St Mary’s Hospital and along the Acres Road.

Road surface improvements: The bottom of the Khyber Pass road has been resurfaced, improving the tarmac quality, making it safer for cornering. However this section requires caution as it leads into a sharp right hand turn on to the Military Road. You will be instructed to slow down.


Following a neutralised transition, the bike course will take athletes in a clockwise direction on a 4km route down the Kyber Pass, around the famous S-bends of the Military Road and finally returning up the Acres Road to complete the lap.

Run 2:

April, June and July races  (1 lap = 2.5km)
After the cycle its back to transition and out on the second run (2.5km) which will take competitors around the playing pitches once again before the finish line beside transition.