Spin Leaders Info

Those leading the spin should also be familiar and comfortable with the responsibilities of leading including ensuring all non TI members sign the Guest Sign In sheet (for insurance purposes), maintaining the pace and being prepared for any mechanical issues which may arise.belpark-triathlon-club-agm

All distances/speeds listed below are approximate and will vary depending on numbers each week and terrain.  Routes will vary between hilly, rolling, and flat – keep an eye on club discussion forum for details in advance of each spin for route details, and please post up if you intend attending.

 Before Spin Starts:

  1. Download & print the TI Guest Sign In Sheet the day before the spin.
  2. Get all non-Triathlon Ireland members to sign the TI Guest Sign In Sheet. This is NB to ensure that club is covered by Third Party insurance for spin.

This should be retained and given to BEGINNER SPIN CO-ORDINATOR (Conal Markey) for club records.

  1. Introduce yourself to group and ask about their previous cycling experience.  Explain group cycling terminology such as “up and over”. Also make sure that all cyclists know the importance of pointing out hazards and ramps and hand signals for stopping etc. Also ask group about their cycling experience. If it is their first spin, you might need to keep an extra eye out for them
  2. Explain to all cyclists (even if this is their first spin), that they have a responsibility to look out for each other. If someone is dropping of the pace or has a mechanical issue, those at the back should communicate this up the line to the spin leader.

During Spin:

  1. Pace – making sure the pace is kept consistent, with regular changes at the front. Make sure that cyclists don’t accelerate to front when they are leading.
  2. Keep the group together: Sheltering the weaker cyclists, making sure that they only take a short 10-20sec go at the front.  If group splits on hills, the first people to the summit should go back down and come up with the slowest person and not sit resting at the top (which is of little training benefit).
  3. Beginners should have completed at least one hour of solo/group cycling before attempting this spin. If someone is struggling with pace from very early on, or is very uncomfortable in group, it may be appropriate to suggest that they turn around after 30-40 mins provided they know their own way home.  It is important that the leader takes contact details of the person, and contacts them after the spin to make sure they are not discouraged and are given advice on how to build up their fitness.

If there are large numbers on the spin, and clearly two distinct levels of cyclists, it may be appropriate to split the group, provided that there is someone who knows the route and is comfortable with cycling in group who can lead the faster group.

  1. Be Vocal:   Shout out instructions re: pace, directions, and also encourage group to eat snack & take drinks at suitable intervals, offer encouragement to anyone who is struggling etc.
  2. Punctures/Mechanicals: 2-3 people should stay with cyclist who punctured to help with repair work. The remainder of the group should cycle 5 mins up the road and the turn around. (and repeat if necessary). This will prevent the entire group getting cold and stiff.
  • Obey the rules of the road at all times: For safety reasons, protecting the reputation of Belpark, and to avoid ‘on the spot fines’ the rules of the Road must be obeyed at all times. This includes NOT BREAKING RED LIGHTS and ensuring that the group is in the correct lane.

End of Spin

  • If there were any problems with the spin (such as an accident, other feedback, etc), then let Training Co-ordinator (Mark Cannon) know. Please complete the Accident Report Form if there is any accident during the spin, even if it’s minor.
  • If possible put up a note on club discussion forum detailing route take, how spin went or following up on any questions you got asked etc.