Does this page apply to all swimming?

No, the details on this page only apply to swim sessions in UCD. There is a separate page for open water swimming, and other swim events will be covered in the Forum as they happen.

As a member of the club, am I guaranteed a slot in a swim session?

Unfortunately no. All spots are on a first come, first served basis, and, given that we have approx 230 members, there is a high demand for spots. Once a swim block / session is fully booked, then those sessions are closed to further booking.

Note that it is quite common for members to cancel one or more swim sessions, and, once cancelled, this slot is freed up and available for booking by another member. So it you are waiting for a swim session, please check the booking status page for cancellations.

Booking Types

All bookings will be made in advance using the online booking system in Member Zone. There are two types of swim bookings:

  • Block Bookings
  • Single Session Bookings – also referred to as PAYG (Pay As You Go)

Block Bookings are pre-payment for all swim sessions in the current block. A swim block typically lasts for 12-14 weeks, and Block booking will guarantee your slot in all sessions. If you are a regular swimmer, then this is the cheapest option. The majority of spaces available in any given session are allocated to Block bookings.

Single Session Bookings are once-off bookings for a single swim session. While the majority of swim spaces are reserved for Block bookings, there will always be a percentage of spaces reserved for Single sessions as well.

When can I make a booking?

Block bookings can be made commencing the week before the block starts and can be booked for the duration of the block period, providing spaces are available.

Single Session bookings will only be released for sale 3 days prior to each swim session and continue to be on sale up to the start of  the event. This is strictly first come, first serve.

How do I pay for swim sessions?

Both Block bookings and Single Sessions will be paid via the online booking system in Member Zone. Payment is made in full at the time of the booking using PayPal.

How do I book a swim session?

Both Block and Single tickets will all be booked through the online booking system in the Member Zone.

The Member Zone is a protected area of the website for members only. To access this area, you will need to register and then login once your registration is complete. You only need to register once as a member for this and all future bookings.
Once you have successfully registered and logged into the Member Zone, you can proceed with your booking by clicking on:


For more details relating to the booking process itself, please refer to the Booking FAQ.

What happens if I can’t make it to all the swims I have paid for :

If you have block booked and you can’t make it to one of the swims, you should cancel that single booking in the online system so your slot is available to others. You can than take this as a credit for another swim during the block.

How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel a booking, please refer to the Booking FAQ.

How much do the swim sessions cost?

The typical costs for swim sessions are below. Costs vary depending on the number of weeks in a swim block.

  • €88.00 per Block Booking of 12 sessions
  • €8.00 per Single Session

Do you offer a Student Discount?

No, we have discontinued offering discounts as part of the new 2018 membership pricing.

Does the price for Block Bookings change if I decide to book after the block starts?

Yes, the price for Block Bookings is based on the pro rata cost for the number of sessions in a block. So as the weeks go by, the cost of the blocks reduce proportionately. For example, if a block at the beginning of the term costs €88.00 and that block consists of 12 individual swim sessions, then each pro rata value of a swim session is €7.30. If you then decide to book this block 3 weeks after the term has started, the cost of the block will have been reduced by the 3 weeks that you missed (~22.00). In this example you would only pay €66.00 for the block. In other words, you will only pay for the swim session you will be able to attend.

What is are Swim Coupons and how do I use them?

Swim coupons provide a way to redeem credit for a swim session that you have previously cancelled. By using a swim credit coupon, you will not be charged for the next booking in which it is used. Credits can be earned by cancelling sessions that are part of a swim block or any single PAYG session that you previously booked. After you cancel a swim session you will receive a confirmation email that the cancellation is noted and it will also contain a coupon for you to use for your next booking. For example, if you cancel 2 swim sessions, then your credit will be 2.

To use a coupon, simply proceed to book a single swim session as normal, and you will see a field where you can enter your coupon code before purchasing your swim session. Simply enter your code and proceed to book.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 09.55.07

Coupons are only valid for the current block and will not be carried over. Once the current block is finished your coupon credit account will be reset to 0. However, you will still be invoiced for any remaining unpaid coupons that you have used.

How do I know how many credits I have?

A swim credit message will appear at the top of the page before you select a single swim session. The purpose of this message is to let you know whether you have any coupon credits available to use for your next booking.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 09.58.02

If your coupon credit is greater than 0 (positive), then you can use a coupon in your next booking and you will not be charged for that session.
If you have 0 credits, then you should pay for your booking and are not entitled to use a coupon.
If your coupon credit is less than 0 (negative), then you have used too many coupons and you may be invoiced for the outstanding amount.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you feel your credit is incorrect.

What level of swimmer am I?

The training provided in UCD swim sessions is tailored for a specific proficiency level of swimming. It is therefore essential that swimmers book the slot which is appropriate to their current swim level. Our swim sessions are categorised as follows:

Level Expected Standard
Advanced swim time < 1:55/min for 100m
Intermediate swim time < 2:15/min for 100m
Improvers swim time < 2:30/min for 100m
Beginners swim time > 2:30/min for 100m

Which swim session should I choose?

Based on the swim level definitions above, you should refer to the table below to identify the most appropriate day and time that is suited to your ability:

Day Time Level Comment
Monday 6AM-7AM Advanced
Monday 7AM-8AM Improvers
Wednesday 6:30AM-7:30AM Advanced/Improvers/Intermediate 2 lanes grouped according to level
Friday 6AM-7AM Advanced / Intermediate 2 lanes for both Advanced and Intermediate levels.
Friday 7AM-8AM Improvers / Beginners There is a designated Beginners lane




  • Please select the lane you want to swim in according to ability only
  • Any swimmers who assign themselves to lanes that our coaches deem too slow or too fast for their current abilities will be re-assigned. Holding up a lane is very frustrating to other members, as is swimming too quickly in a lane full of slower swimmers so please don’t make us have to point this out to you!
  • It is not possible to personally transfer your prepaid slot to a fellow club member. You must cancel via the booking page in Member Zone. 

Anyone wishing to attend the swims must be both a paid-up club member and have either associate or full membership of Triathlon Ireland. This is for insurance reasons.